What we believe


We believe that learning is a journey of exploration, a collaboration between learner and teacher,  inspired by curiosity,

guided by professional insight and commitment, grounded in community values

and focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.

At Broadacres Academy we live by the beliefs outlined in our manifesto. We strive to take children on a journey where their love for learning never diminishes.

We nurture life-long learners through exploration and discovery, allowing children to enhance their full potential. We are creating a unique learning environment where the partnership between child and teacher ensures a well-rounded individual, whose natural curiosity drives his or her learning.

Broadacres Academy is a private independent school comprising of a Farm Nursery School. a Preparatory School (Grade 0 – Grade 2) and a Tutor Centre for registered homeschoolers (Grade 6 – Grade 12).

Our Academy is set in a relaxed rural environment, which ensures individuals who can appreciate nature and learn without fear. Our classes are small and intimate and children are encouraged to actively participate in their education by exploring and discovering the world around them.

Professional teachers guide and facilitate the learning process in a collaborative way which ensures a solid grounding, development of all the necessary skills and a continual love of learning.  Children enjoy individual and personalised attention from qualified and committed teachers.

We strive to uphold the values of our community and instil in children the importance of moral and ethical values of kindness, integrity, empathy, courtesy, love for their environment and compassion.


“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity,
he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” -Clay Bedford