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Education heads in a new direction

Do you have children of school-going age? Are you following the current trends in education?

Most people agree is that the education paradigm is shifting –  and that there is a need for remodelling schools across the globe. It follows, then, that schools as we known them, have passed their sell-by date.

The world has entered the post-modern age, and with that comes a revival of focusing on the way children learn.

The emphasis in schooling is moving away from teaching ‘at’ children, towards understanding how children learn.

A child-centred approach to learning

We know that children learn differently. Schools of the past century have seldom taken this into account. Historically, schools have  focused on teaching children in batches, through behaviouristic approaches. Children and their progress were compared to each other.  This model of schooling served the industrial age. It no longer serves the ever-changing needs of the 21st Century.

If you study the educational trends in countries such as Finland and Denmark; you will find that they have moved away from standardised education models towards a more constructivist approach to education.

These countries are currently the world leaders in education. They have thrown out the traditional schooling model and have introduced a child-centred model of education that focuses on how children learn in a post-modern world.

Broadacres Academy embraces a constructivist approach 

At Broadacres Academy, we believe in 21st Century Learning. We base our educational approach on the constructivist education approaches that are beginning to gain traction around the world. It is our aim to be the leaders in creating a successful learning environment for the 21st Century child.

Our educational leaders at Broadacres Academy recognise that schooling is going through a metamorphosis; and so we are creating a culture  that embraces the changes occurring in the post-modern world.

Some schools have noticed the current trends in education and they are aware of the related buzz words around . To create the perception of not falling behind the new age of education, they install new classroom furniture to create funky classrooms. They might implement “thinking weeks” or create “project-based learning weeks” to try and convince people that they have converted to a new educational paradigm.

Yet, they continue to teach and deliver a curriculum in a standardised and behaviouristic way in an environment that is set up for old-school practice.  So, what are the requirements for a 21st Century learning environment?

Requirements for a new paradigm of education

The bottom line is, that to create a successful 21st Century learning environment, schools need:

  • staff that understand the way children learn and how to implement the constructivist education model
  • a constructivist method of curriculum delivery, and
  • facilities that support 21st Century learning.

The educators at Broadacres Academy understand and practise the philosophy of learning that is taking place at our school.

The staff have undergone extensive training and attended workshops that enable them to deliver the curriculum in a way that benefits the needs of each individual child. Our pupil to teacher ratio allows our education philosophy to thrive.

Broadacres Academy staff facilitate 21st Century learning

Broadacres Academy deliver the National curriculum in a constructivist way ensuring that each child in our care follows their unique learning path. Individualism is key to our learning and our teachers understand how children learn – and appreciate that all children learn differently.

Children are born with a love of learning and our aim is to ensure that our children never lose their love of learning.

Too often, schools manage to kill children’s passion for learning and children end up hating school.  At Broadacres Academy, we strive to create lifelong learners who can thrive in the 21st Century.

To achieve our vision, optimal facilities must be in place. Facilities that enhance the  constructivist approach and ensure that each child can follow their natural learning path – this is not possible in a standardised schooling environment.

What does a 21st Century learning space look like?

Broadacres Academy is in the process of developing a learning environment that includes:

  • Movable learning spaces – these differ radically from traditional classrooms and enable complete flexibility  to facilitate all types of learning.
  • Central Learning Areas – this is a space where children can follow their  natural curiosity  and discover new things. It is a communal space that includes facilities for reading, collaborative learning, IT skills, art, design and technology. It is a space where children can fulfil their individual learning needs. The Central Learning Area has an additional facilitator, and every two grades have access to a Central Learning Area (CLA). This makes the CLA age appropriate.
  • A natural outdoor learning environment – this encourages a love of nature and a feeling of freedom by expanding the learning beyond the barriers of the classroom.
  • A dedicated physical literacy space – this is a vital part of the over-all development of children. Our approach is to create a specific physical literacy programme that enables children to master all-round ball and sporting skills. By the time they reach high school, children can be more than proficient in their sport of choice.

Exciting partnership facilitates Broadacres Academy vision

Broadacres Academy has partnered with an Education Fund that is going to assist us in creating the facilities we need to deliver the best education  possible –  as soon as possible.

We are planning for the full school solution ready by 2019 –  way ahead of our planned schedule.

Incorporated in the whole school development plan is a full reconstruction and upgrade of our Pre-school facilities. The development of a high school solution on a nearby site should be completed by 2020.

We are overjoyed about finding the right financial partner to assist us in developing our educational vision; a partner who buys into and fully supports the philosophy upon which we are building our school. Creating the optimum facilities and employing dedicated and empowered teachers, who implement our constructivist philosophy, natural learning will follow.

We will maintain and enhance the natural farm feel of our school as an educational environment “Where children learn, naturally”

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