Broadacres Academy – a dream realised.

A Vision Realised

Vision 2020 has been the buzz at Broadacres Academy for the past few months.

From the humble beginnings of Broadacres Farm Nursery School, 37 years ago, the school is now entering an exciting chapter with the development of the new facilities.

The building of Phase One has commenced in all earnest and should be completed in the first week of December. Phase One of the development includes the:

  • Admin Block

  • Preparatory School

  • Sportsfield

  • New Entrance

  • Parking

Broadacres Academy | Building our Future | Where Children Learn, Naturally

Broadacres Academy | Building our Future | Where Children Learn, Naturally

A Dynamic Partnership

Skye Education is our investment partner and they are committed to building an exceptional education facility at Broadacres.

The new development is based on and aligned to the Broadacres Academy educational philosophy of learning naturally. We facilitate natural learning by delivering the curriculum in a constructivist way.

The design of the facilities focuses on movable learning spaces, outdoor learning spaces and communal learning areas.

The design of the facilities and the delivery of the curriculum is in aid of nurturing individual learning and ensuring children are always engaged, and never lose their natural love of learning.

After researching and investigating over 30 schools around the country, Skye Education is backing the education model at Broadacres Academy.

The directors of Skye Education were astounded at the level of engagement of the children in our classrooms and at the dynamic learning taking place every day. They are determined to develop the facilities that best suit our philosophy and keep the natural feel that makes Broadacres Academy unique.

Realistic and competitive fees

We are committed to achieving our success in a way that affords parents the opportunity to provide the best education they can for their children. Our school fees are the most competitive in our community; and we are determined to deliver a world class education within a realistic and competitive price range for each grade.

You can get a breakdown of the school fees here.

Preschool Upgrade

Phase Two of the facilities development will focuses on the new Preschool. This is very exciting, and we have included a practical and interactive design. The design allows preschool children to be focused on learning through play, developing fine and gross motor skills, and to be involved in the natural learning philosophy of the school.

The new playgrounds focus on sensory development and the gross motor development of the children.

A big part of the preschool children’s learning is the interaction with the ponies, the bunnies, the bird aviary and the other animals at the school. The children love their farm walks and their weekly pony rides.

This is a part of the school we could not compromise on and have ensured the natural feel flows throughout.

Broadacres Academy | Development Plan | Meadow |

MEADOW | This artist’s impression captures the the farm ethos which allows the children a daily ritual of interacting with the farm animals.

Sporting Facilities

Between Phase One and Phase Two, we will be developing the sporting facilities – specifically the sports field, the cricket nets and the tennis/netball courts. This is vital to involve children  in the physical literacy they require for their development into high school.

By the end of 2019, and the completion of Phase Three, we plan to have the multi-purpose hall and the swimming pool completed, to add to the range of amenities for physical interaction for the children.

Vision 2020 is well on track, and we are very excited to be making the start to developing our beautiful school.

We encourage you to visit us for a walk around and so we can share our vision with you. Tours take place every Wednesday during the term at 08:30. We will be opening classes up to Grade 6 in 2019, and enrolments are welcome.

Aerial View | Broadacres Academy | Development



  • Crèche : 9 – 18 Months

  • Preschool: 2 – 5 Years

  • Prep School: Grades 0 – 6

  • Tutor Centre: Grades 7 – 12 (for registered homeschoolers)


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"After 22 years of education experience, I feel my career is only just beginning. I have the incredible opportunity to grow and develop our own school; to implement the philosophies and methodologies that I have studied and encountered throughout my career, in a meaningful and purposeful way."

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