Welcome from Preschool Head

Karen Mc Donald | Head of Preschool

Karen McDonald

Welcome to the Broadacres Academy Preschool!

Our Preschool at Broadacres Academy provides children from the age of 9 months up to 5 years with a learning environment like no other.

We have a team of passionate and dedicated teachers whom will ensure each child is loved, happy and reaching their full potential in a relaxed learning environment.

If you are looking for a “home away from home” environment for your Preschooler, you have come to the right place.  Broadacres Academy is a “happy place” for each child that has the privilege to attend this beautiful school.

Broadacres Academy is enriched with character, space, love – and an all over ‘Magical’ feeling.

Our rural environment and large playgrounds set us apart and allow children to ‘be children.’

The highlight of their day is going for a farm walk, learning about our environment and feeding our farm animals.

We pride ourselves in the love that children experience when they are at our school and in our care. After all, if a child does not feel loved, safe and happy, they are not going to learn anything!

We are a family here at Broadacres Academy, and form great relationships with all our parents. We look forward to welcoming you into our family too!

We believe strongly in learning through play. The children are guided in daily activities by their experienced and loving teachers. They are learning life skills without even realising that they are learning.

We facilitate the learning environment in such a way that learning becomes a journey of exploration and discovery.  Self-directed learning encourages children to become lifelong learners who love to learn.

Children take part in a wide variety of activities throughout the day. This includes messy play, exploring the different textures, art activities, music and dance, puzzles, stories and so much more.

We focus a lot on gross motor activities in the preschool, as that lays a solid foundation for the fine motor skills that form a crucial part of a child’s development, and are vital for progress in the preparatory school years.

We believe that learning is a journey of exploration,
A collaboration between learner and teacher,
Inspired by curiosity,
Guided by professional insight and commitment,
Grounded in community values,
And focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.

The ‘Key to Learning’ is a unique educational programme based on the learning theorist Vygotsky’s ideas, but benefiting from and developing out of the latest worldwide research into children’s learning.

Vygotsky’s learning theories on constructivism underpin our teaching philosophy of natural learning, and inspired our slogan: “Where children learn, naturally”

In the Preschool, we will be introducing some of the modules from the Key to Learning curriculum into our learning programme.

In the 2 and 3-year-old classes, the modules are: Artographics, Story Grammar, Sensory Maths, and Developmental Games.

In the 4 and 5-year-old classes Logic, Story Grammar, maths and Visual Spatial modules will be part of the preschool curriculum.

The “Key to Learning” curriculum is different from the others because it moves focus from educational content (what) to the cultural tools (how). It focuses not only on teaching skills and knowledge but on developing learning abilities.

The Key to Learning Curriculum creates the conditions for minds to open, for learning to become a pleasure and for creativity to flourish.

We are very excited to be introducing the “Key to Learning” curriculum into the Preschool as this curriculum is based on the constructivist learning theory that underlies our teaching and learning philosophy at Broadacres Academy.  You can learn more about the Key to Learning Curriculum here.

You can learn more about the Preschool Class Groups and what the emphasis for development in each age group is, here.  Please note this link opens in a new page.


There is a big emphasis on outdoor and play activities as the philosophy at Broadacres Academy is that children learn through play and physical activity.

The emphasis on Physical Literacy links directly to the development of gross and fine motor skills which are vital for the growth of each child.

Our Preschool children have a variety of extramural activities to choose from and are encouraged to participate in at least one throughout the year.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Broadacres Academy promotes the development of Arts and Culture in our children.

They love performing on stage and we give them every opportunity to do so.

There is always time for creative activity, be it painting, drawing, singing, dancing or even playing an instrument.

We expose the children to the  Colourstrings Music Programme. These activities create a diverse, holistic curriculum in which all aspects of the child are developed.