Broadacres Academy is alive with the sound of music!

Music comes alive at Broadacres Academy the Colourstrings Way!

Our magic campus has been alive with the sound of special music and laughter, brought to us by Leila Cruickshank.  In this post, Leila tells us more about Colourstrings and her time at Broadacres Academy.

Enjoying a Colourstrings class with Leila.

“Moving from rainy Scotland to Johannesburg has been an incredible experience, and I am delighted to be here at Broadacres Academy, teaching music based on Colourstrings principles.”

The Colourstrings Approach

“The focus of the Colourstrings Methodology is to teach musicianship skills from an early age: pitch, pulse, rhythm and coordination.

These skills are taught through a variety of mediums including songs, rhymes, movement and improvisation.

Enjoying a Colourstrings class with Leila.

This methodology sets a solid foundation for children to learn an instrument when they are older and even if they do not, the skills gained from classroom music are invaluable: the ability to stand in front of their peers and perform with confidence; to cooperate with their peers and moreover to enjoy and find love in music!”

Leila’s Journey with Colourstrings

“As I went through this exact methodology as a child, I suppose I can be slightly biased… I attended Colourstrings Music Classes as a baby and then at aged 6, I began learning the violin.

It was an incredibly fun method of learning and completely hooked me.

My passion flourished and at the age of 14, I began assisting Naheed Cruickshank in her weekly Colourstrings classes (she also happened to be my mother).

Observing Naheed teach was an invaluable experience and a complete inspiration as an Early Years Educator. Through her guidance, I watched the children learn and develop through the years.

Enjoying a Colourstrings class with Leila.

I have now attended training courses in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Mumbai and Johannesburg.

Colourstrings has bought me so much joy and love for music – I wish to share this delight with the wonderful children of Broadacres Academy.

Colourstings comes to Broadacres Academy

Teaching at Broadacres Academy has been an amazing, unparalleled opportunity. I love working with all the age groups of children, from the 9-month-olds in the creche all the way up to (the practically grown up) Grade 3s!

Each 30-minute class is filled with creativity; bursting with songs, rhymes, games, challenges and laughter.

The teachers have been so supportive, and the classroom atmospheres are delightful – I never leave school without a smile. The Broadacres community has welcomed me with open arms and given me a home away from home.

Enjoying a Colourstrings class with Leila.

When my friends and family in Scotland (over 10,000 km away!) ask how I’m getting along in South Africa, I speak of my lovely school with its incredible community.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything” – Plato

I am delighted to be here and everyday is a musical adventure. I am due to leave at the end of April to begin my studies at The University of Edinburgh. And although my degree of Geography and Social Anthropology seems a world away from Music Education, the culture and communities intertwine, and I hope I shall continue growing, learning and of course… singing!

“Music education stimulates, challenges, and enriches our young people during their formative, school years; its value lasts a lifetime.” – Tammy Baldwin

Thank you Leila for sharing your joyful love of music with us!

Broadacres Academy offers the community a:

  • Crèche for children aged 9 – 18 months;
  • Preschool for children aged 2 to 5 years old;
  • Junior Preparatory School for children in Grade 0 – 3 (up to Grade 7 by 2020) and a
  • Tutor Centre for registered homeschoolers from Grade 6 – Grade 12.

(As children in Grade 6 and 7 progress into higher grades, these two grades will be phased out and incorporated into the Preparatory School, leaving Grade 8 to Grade 12 in the Tutor Centre.)

If it’s your desire for your child to love learning and stay curious in a nurturing environment, then arrange a visit Broadacres Academy today and experience the joy of a natural learning community!

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Phone: 011-4653810
Instagram: @broadacresacademy
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I’ve grown up surrounded by music & teaching has become a natural passion of mine. I’m due to study Geography and Social Anthropology at the University of Edinburgh in September & I’m looking forward to expanding and adding depth to my studies. Teaching at Broadacres Academy has been an amazing, unparalleled opportunity.

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