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Sports and Activities

Extramural Activities

There is a drive at Broadacres Academy to develop a unique Physical Literacy and Sports Programme over the next few years, through the implementation of a ball skills and swimming curriculum that will be a pioneer project in early childhood sport.

We aim to have our multi-purpose hall built by the middle of 2019. This space, along with the swimming pool, tennis courts and sports field, will be used to grow and develop all the necessary sports and physical literacy skills a child needs.

When the full facilities are developed, we aim to ensure each child receives a ball skills and swimming lesson every week. The Physical Literacy programme we aim to initiate is developed to ensure all-round skills are taught during the children’s intramural time.

The extramural sports programme will focus on the traditional Preparatory School sports and will be sport specific. We believe that this will enable children to develop their sporting ability in a natural and effective way.

In the meantime, we continue with the same Physical Literacy programme, using the temporary field and spaces that we have available.

Please click on the green button for more detail on Grade 0 and Nursery School outdoor fun and extramural activities.

Extramural Activities