Development Partnership with Skye Education

We have a dynamic partnership with Skye Education. Skye Education is our investment and development partner and they are committed to building an exceptional education facility at Broadacres.

The new development is based on and aligned to the Broadacres Academy educational philosophy of learning naturally.

Natural learning is facilitated through delivering the curriculum in a constructivist way.

The design of the new facilities focuses on movable learning spaces, outdoor learning spaces and communal learning areas.

Together,  the delivery of the curriculum and the design of the facilities facilitate and complement the nurturing of individual learning.

This will ensure that children are always engaged, and never lose their natural love of learning.

View footage of the development  as well as the dynamic flythrough visuals (Centre) of the completed project.

Broadacres Academy | Where Children Learn, Naturally

The Team

After researching and investigating over 30 schools around the country, Skye Education is backing the education model at Broadacres Academy.

The directors of Skye Education were astounded at the level of engagement of the children in our classrooms and at the dynamic learning taking place every day.

Skye Education is determined to develop the facilities that best suit our philosophy and keep the natural feel that makes Broadacres Academy unique.


Exciting new facilities designed around our learning philosophy!
Visionary leadership, Progressive & committed teachers
Innovative facilities, Small classes
Relaxed learning environment, Authentic farm experience
Realistic and competitive fees