Broadacres Academy is a private school centrally situated in the greater Fourways area of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

The school is nearby to the suburbs of Lonehill, Fourways, Chartwell and Dainfern, and is set on seven acres in the growing suburb of Broadacres.

The school environment has always been characterised by rural charm and with a farm ethos and atmosphere, where natural learning is the order of the day.

A Development Partnership with Skye Education has allowed us to grow and develop a full school solution much sooner than anticipated.

This partnership brings with it the ability to develop the school facilities for a full preschool and preparatory school by 2020.

There has been a full re-development of the site and the school is being purpose built for our constructivist education philosophy.

A Three Phase Development Plan is currently under way on the school site.

Phase One has been the building of the Preparatory School (Gr 1 – Gr 6), as well as the start of the new entrance, parking area and admin block.

This phase has been completed, and we moved into our new facilities at the beginning of the 2019 school year.

Phase two will involve the removal of the temporary classrooms (previously the Grade 1 – 3 classes) and the building of the preschool, more parking and the sports field. This phase has been completed, and we moved into the new preschool facilities in October 2019.

The remainder of the school will then be cleared, and the rest of the building completed in Phase Three.

As with all building projects, timelines are unpredictable, but we will do our best to have the entire project completed by March 2020.

Phase 1 Development Highlights

Natural learning in a farm environment

The design of the new school buildings has a contemporary farm feel. This builds on the heritage and ethos of the original Broadacres Farm Nursery school, which was established in 1982.

The new design caters for a farmyard and animals on the campus will include horses, rabbits, chickens, cockatiels and even a tortoise.

Our children are privileged to be able to interact with the animals in this relaxed, natural learning environment as part of their daily educational activities.

Even while the building has taken place, elements of the farmyard have remained in place and children have been able to interact with the horses, rabbits, and birds in walk-in aviary in the current preschool area.

For many children growing up in the hustle and bustle of a built-up suburban area in a large city, the Broadacres Academy environment provides a unique opportunity to stimulate natural curiosity and learning in safe and relaxed surroundings.

The new Preschool has been completed and is adjacent to the new Admin Block.

The classes are spacious, with access to the playground and their own piece of the farmyard. The two-year-old classes have customised potty- training bathrooms in the classroom.

Facilities include well equipped classrooms, large and safe playground areas and equipment, a well-stocked library and our interactive farmyard.

The prep school classes (Grade 0 – Grade 6) have been completed in Phase 1 of the development.

The design of the new facilities focuses on movable learning spaces, outdoor learning spaces and communal learning areas.

Each class is spacious with doors that lead outside, so that learning spaces are not just limited to the classroom.

There are also two Communal Learning Areas. These are magnificent multi-faceted spaces where children can be creative through Art and Design & Technology.

Here children can extend their reading, research and work on projects using technology. They can also consolidate the skills developed in the classroom, under the guidance of a skilled educator.

This is a great initiative which will integrate and enhance the learning experience beyond the confines of the classroom. You can read more about the CLA here.

From 2019, we will be offering learning support in the Junior Prep to assist children who need basic remediation.  We have a Therapy Centre onsite where Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Play Therapy are provided by professional practitioners, where necessary.

Broadacres Academy is a mainstream school.  We teach children in the way that they naturally learn and provide learning support where required.

This does not mean that we cater for children who may have developmental delays and other related barriers to learning and who still need the specialised environment established remedial schools offer.

We are in the process of building our sporting facilities. These should be completed by January 2020. By then we will offer all the familiar school sports, from cricket to soccer to netball to tennis and swimming.  With the new development plans, we will have complete sports facilities that will include a sports field, a multi-purpose hall, tennis and netball courts and a swimming pool.

When the full facilities are developed, we aim to ensure each child receives a ball skills and swimming lesson every week. The Physical Literacy programme we aim to initiate is developed to ensure all-round skills are taught during the children’s intramural time.

The extramural sports programme will focus on the traditional Preparatory School sports and will be sport specific. We believe that this will enable children to develop their sporting ability in a natural and effective way.

The hall will be a 600-seater, multi-purpose facility that can accommodate indoor sporting activities as well as drama productions and other cultural experiences.

Exciting new facilities designed around our learning philosophy!
Visionary leadership, Progressive & committed teachers
Innovative facilities, Small classes
Relaxed learning environment, Authentic farm experience
Realistic and competitive fees!