In the Preschool the classes are limited to 20 learners per class depending on the age group of the class. There is an assistant in the Crèche, two and three-year-old classes. In the Prep School, the classes are limited to 22 learners per class.

Children are natural born learners and we create an environment that stimulates their love of learning throughout their school career.

Our school is driven by the morals and values of a positive society and we instil discipline through continually driving home these morals and values, like courtesy, honesty, fairness and respect. Children are guided and encouraged to do the right thing.

Our teachers are all qualified through a variety of Early Childhood Development institutions. We continue to develop our teachers professionally and are firm believers in creating a learning organisation that leads by example. You are never too old to learn and grow.

We use the National curriculum as our base and guide. From there we branch out and deliver the curriculum with a great deal more substance and purpose. We encourage children to drive their own learning, with the teacher facilitating in the background and guiding where necessary. We do a great deal of group work and researched based learning that stimulates discussion and curiosity within the children, thereby continually driving their love of learning.

There are a variety of extramural activities offered though as extra-cost activities. We are in the process of developing our sporting facilities and are driven to creating a unique physical literacy programme, based on ball skills and swimming.  Our preschool extramural list can be found below.

Extramural programme

We offer a full aftercare service up to 17h30 each day. This is either included in the fee structure for the preschool, or an additional cost for the preparatory school.

We strive to be very competitive with our fee structure and  fees can be found in our application forms, as well as on our Fees page.

Preschool Application Form  – click here.

Prep School Application Formclick here.

Tutor Centre Application Formclick here 

We are situated in Broadacres, just off Cedar Road. Our physical address is 28 Syringa Ave, Broadacres, 2021. Get directions here.

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The main high schools in our area are Heronbridge, Dainfern, Crawford Fourways and Fourways High. We do have plans to develop our own High School within the next two years.

School Link is our preferred carrier and we have a long-standing relationship with them. There are other options and if you need further information, please contact the admin office on info@broadacres.com

School Link

Unfortunately, we do not offer Holiday Care. We believe that our teachers and children need time to rest and recharge the batteries. There are various options in our community for Holiday Care.                                                 

“Human beings are curious by nature.” – Aristotle