Learning by doing

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” – Aristotle

The purpose of the Communal Learning Area (CLA) is to create a space in which children can live out their love of learning.

What is the CLA?

The Communal Learning Area is essentially a learning hub. The space has been designed to foster self-directed learning and to give the children the opportunity to develop the 4 Cs of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

The CLA is a space where children can be creative through Art, and Design and Technology (D&T), or where they can extend their reading, work on projects that interest them or build on the skills developed in class.

The CLA doesn’t have the look and feel of a ‘normal’ classroom. It has a number of different spaces that accommodate Art, D&T, Reading and Research.

The Communal Learning Area is custom designed to include a workshop area for construction, art and craft area, reading section with books, research area equipped with books, laptops and tablets.

In creating this space Broadacres Academy is putting theory into practice to show their  commitment to helping young people become responsible, caring, and contributing citizens. We provide open and collaborative spaces in order to ignite creativity and invention.

The Communal Learning Area is an integral  part of a learning model providing learners with a language to think and talk about learning; helping to build children’s resilience, wisdom and self-efficacy.

At Broadacres Academy we empower children to be able to create something new or create something in a new way, utilizing the knowledge they have acquired.

The teacher who oversees the CLA works behind the scenes with the class teachers to ensure the children who come there benefit fully.

Providing opportunities

The CLA  provides opportunities for pupils –  who have completed their learning task in their classroom – to partake in a variety of activities that extend their learning and exploration. So, children may wish to continue designing their D+T project, complete their creative Art project, or pursue their discovery of facts for a Research project:  the facility, the resources and the opportunity is there for them!