Lessons from Kids

She’s got 5 years behind her, but it seems like a lifetime of knowledge.

Every day I think I’m teaching her about life, but she’s actually teaching me so much. More than I thought I needed to know.

There’s no such thing as too much love

I asked her what I can do to be a better mom. Her answer was…

“I love it when you kiss me and I love it when you hug me…so just do more of that”.

Followed by a long, tight hug. So simple.

Be you

She wanted to wear her unicorn hat, stripe stockings and glittery Wellington boots. So she did.

When she waltzed confidently into school, all the kids adored her for it, and I’ve never been prouder.

Teagan Fairy Giggles

Live every moment

We had some boring errands to run today but when we got to the hardware store, she ran up the step ladder and shouted, “I’m king of the wooooorld!”

And with everyone smiling and laughing along with her, she was king of the world, on her giant mountain.

Teagan 4

She wasn’t just on the step ladder and neither of us were in the hardware anymore.

Even everyday tasks are moments to live for.

It’s no big deal

Every scary thing she faces she acknowledges. Then she let’s it be. She doesn’t overthink or panic or worry about what could happen.

Teagan - Eiffel

Colouring is life

There’s nothing that a quiet moment with her Kokis and a blank page can’t fix.

I’m the same, just some time to get away with yourself and your thoughts.

There’s joy in the small things

The pink fluffy clouds as the sun sets are worth putting the shopping down for and sitting on the grass to watch them together before they disappear.

That same evening we stayed on the grass and watched the stars come out too.

Teagan 2

Don’t take your friends for granted

She lets them know every day how excited she is to see them. She hugs them and thinks of them when she sees something she knows they would like and then tells them all about it.

When we get busy, we forget to tell our friends that we love them.


I’m stronger than I thought I could ever be because I had to be for her. But it was her all along  showing me what strength looks like.

In the way she shared her last Easter egg with the kids next door, the one she’d been saving as the best for last.

The way she made me a cup of coffee from mud and warm tap water because I looked tired.

Teagan 3

And when she reaches out her little hands, riddled with blisters from the monkey bars (she’s obsessed) to make sure I know that she loves me.

These are the lessons that are sometimes lost, when the days are long, but the years are short.

Just keep holding on to what these moments teach you.

You’ll be a happier adult for it. Promise.