Broadacres Academy visits 4PAWS for 67 minutes of ‘giving back’ on Mandela Day

Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre already has such a relaxed atmosphere about it – however, being with students anywhere other than the Tutor Centre is always interesting, and our Mandela Day outing was no exception.

We had been made aware through the community Facebook Group I Love Fourways of the great need at 4PAWS.

We  were also inspired by the recent involvement of the Fourways community at the shelter.

It made sense then, as  most of the students at the  Tutor Centre are avid animal-lovers, to go to 4PAWS Animal Rescue in Diepsloot to do our 67 minutes of giving back on Mandela Day. The 4PAWS shelter is also situated nearby to the suburb of Broadacres.

This was  our debut outing as the Tutor Centre Team.

Upon arrival we were asked to: “Make this area look neater”. That’s all. No further instruction. We were given a few shovels, a pitchfork and a plastic rake and we were left alone. I expected confusion and nervous shuffling around from the students.

Broadacres Tutor Centre students interact with the animals at the 4PAWS animal shelter for Mandela Day

Broadacres Tutor Centre student, Josh, making new friends at the 4PAWS animal shelter on Mandela Day.

Broadacres students make a difference on Mandela Day

However, the students went above and beyond. Pitchforks and rakes started on the rocky area, without complaint. It was quite something to see a group of 12 – 18 year-olds band together to get the job done. When the walkway looked less like a construction site and more like … well, a walkway, that’s when the fun began.

The massive cattery wasn’t open to visitors at the time, but that didn’t mean we didn’t try our best to touch the furry creatures.

It always amazes me how “kids” are with animals. It’s like seeing the purest parts of them emerging.

The dog enclosures were open for us to go inside and play with the overly excited hounds. After initial nervousness from students, they entered the doggy play areas with ease and eagerness. We also responded to a request for compost and brought some compost from the school to help with the establishment of the 4PAWS gardens.

The party was over when we had to leave 4PAWS. Sadly, we went to our cars and headed back to the Tutor Centre.

The energy of the students after this outing was electric.

There were mixed reviews of the day. Some students were sad because they couldn’t understand how these animals could possibly have been abandoned. Others really enjoyed the experience and found it fun and exciting. View all the photos from our outing here.

Reflections on the 67 minutes of service on Mandela Day

One particular student, Brent in grade 7, realises the need for more work to be done at the establishment and has decided he will be spending more of his free time volunteering at 4PAWS. What a wonderful way to get our students involved on Mandela Day.

I am looking forward to more excursions with our students, learning more about who they are outside Tutor Centre hours.


“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – Nelson Mandela

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