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Outdoor and play

There is a big emphasis on outdoor and play activities as the philosophy at Broadacres Academy is that children learn through play and physical activity. The emphasis on Physical Literacy is huge as it links directly to the development of gross and fine motor skills which are vital for the growth of each child.

The Junior Preparatory children participate in an integrated day programme that covers a variety of ball skills, with the aim of preparing them for the definitive sports like cricket, soccer, netball and tennis.

Our Preschool children have a variety of extramural activities to choose from and are encouraged to participate in at least one throughout the year.  Please contact the school office for more information.

Cultural & Events

Broadacres Academy promotes the development of Arts and Culture in our children. They love performing on stage and we give them every opportunity to do so.

There is always time for creative activity, be it painting, drawing, singing, dancing or even playing an instrument. We are continually developing the cultural side of the school.

The Junior Preparatory children participate in cultural activities through their integrated curriculum, and an informal approach to Music, Art and Drama is how we get the children to express themselves in the Arts.