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2018 has been a year of exceptional growth for Broadacres Academy. The partnership with Skye Education has enabled us to build new facilities and to ensure the entire site is developed in conjunction with our constructivist education philosophy.

We aim to have a completed Preparatory School by January 2019 and a full facility, with new Preschool by 2020. The legacy of Broadacres Academy & Farm Nursery School continues to grow.

André de Coning and Dylan Cavanagh  are both experienced educators and visionary educational leaders with hands-on experience of school management. Their vision to develop the preparatory school and create a unique learning experience is well on its way to fruition.

André and Dylan have a sound educational philosophy and believe whole heartedly in the creating of a learning community through allowing children to learn naturally and become life-long learners.

The vision is to create a boutique school where we deliver the National Curriculum in a way that enhances the content and lets children continue to develop their natural curiosity and love of learning.

We aim to have a fully developed Preparatory School by 2019.  Small classes will provide the opportunity for individual and personalised attention for each child from their qualified and committed teachers. Our class sizes of 22 children will assist the individual learning program we follow.

We will maintain the rural feel and charm of the school and will ensure that the natural environment that exists at Broadacres Academy continues. Our unique setting has proven to encourage children’s development and love of learning.

Tammy Letcher is our Head of the Junior Preparatory School. Tammy has all the credentials, leadership skills and experience in the Junior Prep phase to ensure the best educational grounding takes place in this critical stage of children’s schooling.

What we Believe
We believe that learning is a journey of exploration,
A collaboration between learner and teacher,
Inspired by curiosity,
Guided by professional insight and commitment,
Grounded in community values,
And focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.