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Preschool Admissions Procedure

Welcome to the PreschooAdmissions page of the Broadacres Academy website! Our Preschool, formerly known as the long-established Broadacres Farm Nursery School, offers you a unique and affordable private education, conveniently situated in the greater Fourways area of Johannesburg. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the Broadacres experience with you and your child.

Select an admissions route from the options below.


  • Visit our school for a relaxed walkabout with our head of the Preschool, Karen McDonald on WEDNESDAYS at 08:30. Experience first-hand the rural charm of our unique farm environment; or

  • Call our admissions office to make an appointment to experience first-hand the ethos of our school community; or

  • Arrange a day-visit for your child at the school. Let them experience a Broadacres school day. Your child is welcome to spend a day with us to see if they enjoy the small classes and personalised individual attention of caring and committed teachers offered at Broadacres Academy; or

  • Chat with one of our Broadacres Academy Parent Ambassadors (we will gladly put you in touch).

Broadacres Academy Development Preschool | Farm Nursery School |

PRESCHOOL | The Admin block overlooks the sports field, the preschool (left) and the first floor of the prep school (right).


This means that you are interested and that you genuinely wish to consider Broadacres Academy as your school of choice. Application forms can be downloaded from the website, or you can collect one from the admissions office (or email

Broadacres Academy Development | Paddock| Banner |

PADDOCK | The paddock is situated at the entrance to the school so that parents and children can continue to enjoy the daily morning ritual of greeting the farm animals.


A meeting with Karen McDonald, our Head of the Preschool,  is a necessary step for you and your child to ask any final questions and for us to assess whether your child would be happy joining our school.

Broadacres Academy Development | Meadow | Banner |

MEADOW | This artist’s impression captures the the farm ethos which allows the children a daily ritual of interacting with the farm animals.


Your child will be offered a place upon completion of your application and payment of the relevant fees and deposits.

Broadacres Academy Development | Admin | Banner |

ENTRANCE | A view of the entrance to the Admin area (left) and the hall (right). To the far right of the render is Precious grazing in her paddock.


Preschool Application Form

We would like to welcome all new parents to the Broadacres Academy community!

We look forward to a long and happy association with you. In order to assist our parents and guardians (new and existing) with planning for 2018, details of the school’s deposits and fees are in the application form which can be downloaded below.

The school’s banking details:

Nedbank Current Account: Broadacres Farm Nursery School
Current Account: 1522 065 008
Branch Code: 15 22 05
Reference: See REFERENCE NUMBER as per Invoice/or surname


Preschool Uniform

The preschool  children (2-year-old to 5-year-old) do not have an official day-today uniform.

They are welcome to wear any practical and appropriate clothing on most days. There is a school t-shirt that we like to have children wear on a Friday. The school sun hat is available to wear every day and we certainly encourage this.

Preschool t-shirts and hats can be purchased from our uniform stockists,  McCullagh and Bothwell in Fourways Crossing. They are the specialists and cater for all your uniform needs from our Preschool T-shirts to our Preparatory School uniform and accessories.

Broadacres Academy | Preschool Uniform


Term Dates

Please find a schedule with the term dates for 2018.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning.
But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.

~Fred Rogers~