Preschool Staff

Karen McDonald | Head -Preschool| Broadacres Academy

I feel so privileged to have been selected to fulfil the role as Head of the Preschool; it is truly a dream come true.  I aim to ensure that each child reaches their full potential in a way that is best suited to them as an individual.

In all my years of teaching, I cannot say that I have ever come across a staff base as positive and full of love as Broadacres Academy. I absolutely love their learning style and couldn’t have found a school better suited to my beliefs.

I am firmly of the belief that  if a child truly feels loved, they will be confident enough to explore outside of their comfort zone and this will lead to incredible results in and out of the classroom.

Being a Mom myself, I understand how truly difficult it is to leave your child in somebody else’s care. I would like to assure every parent that my duty is to ensure that their child is happy and content at school so that parents can have total peace of mind during the school day.

One of my favourite quotes is,

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
-O. Fred Donaldson

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Meet our Preschool Staff

Crèche – Kittens

2 year olds – Bees, Butterflies

3 year olds – Ladybirds, Bunnies, Ducklings

4 year olds – Zebras, Hedgehogs, Giraffes

5 year olds – Lions, Honeybears, Leopards

Kay Edwards

Kay Edwards | Kittens

Selina Gunda

Selina Gunda | Kittens

Janine Schoeman

Janine Schoeman | Bees

Portia Lebepe

Portia Lebepe | Bees

Jeanette Nicholls

Jeanette Nicholls | Butterflies

Mina Mosiya

Mina Mosiya | Butteflies

Heba Sabra

Heba Sabra | Ladybirds

Anna Maseko

Anna Maseko | Ladybirds

Nicole Manyala

Nicole Manyala | Ducklings

Patricia Thengaleni

Patricia Thengaleni | Ducklings

Bianca Buys

Bianca Buys | Bunnies Class

Carol Ndlovu

Carol Ndlovu | Bunnies Class

Vanessa Clarke

Vanessa Clarke | Zebras

Stacey Viegas

Stacey Viegas | Hedgehogs

Eslii Sadie | Giraffes

Dielie Eksteen

Dielie Eksteen | Lions

Emma-Lee Matthews

Emma-Lee Mackie | Honeybears

Margie Iser

Margie Iser | Leopards

Kay Edwards | Jnr Preschool Aftercare

Jan Silk | Snr Preschool Aftercare

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
-Henry B Adams-