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Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre

Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre offers an affordable private school solution for registered homeschoolers.

We are conveniently situated in the greater Fourways area of Johannesburg, Gauteng. Set on seven acres in the growing suburb of Broadacres, the Tutor Centre is close to the suburbs of Lonehill, Fourways, Chartwell and Dainfern.

We pride ourselves in the unique and effective educational environment we offer. We welcome all students who have the desire to learn in a way that standardised schools are not always able to accommodate.

Our vision is to enhance the natural love of learning that each child innately harbours.

Broadacres Academy | Tutor Centre


Our Philosophy of Learning

The Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre has a philosophy of education that recognises the need for students to develop in a safe and friendly environment.

Where children learn, naturally

At Broadacres Academy we are in the privileged position of being able to grow our community organically.

We can create the type of caring environment that is centred around the principles of how children learn naturally.

Often the traditional school experience can leave students with a lack of self-confidence. Students can have little sense of connection and ultimately will dislike school and learning.

Young people today frequently battle to find relevance between schooling and life. They feel disconnected and this can manifest in their relationships and sense of self-worth.

Our philosophy of education is one that embraces the innovative changes society is undergoing.

We believe that children have a natural love of learning which we strive to nurture, creating life-long learners.

Broadacres Academy believes in a holistic approach to learning that does not compromise on quality of education.

Read more about what out students and tutors have to say about their Broadacres experience here.


“Coming here is one of the major turning points of my life, where everything is starting to make sense. I am becoming my own person, coming out of my shell. That, together with all the support that you get here.”

“At the Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre, school is focused on individualised learning.  It is much easier and more enjoyable to learn at the Tutor Centre.  It is  not just about ‘getting through the syllabus.”

Here, at the Broadacres Tutor Centre, the message is reinforced for us: ‘We want you to achieve to the best of your abilities, not the ability you have been labelled to have.’

Here, at the Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre, it’s like a fresh start for me. I moved in matric, which is normally unheard of, but I wanted a new start.

“Before, worrying about school was actually a big thing in my family. But now school is quite nice. It’s a nice environment – people want to be here.”


The Tutor Centre

The Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre is located in the original farmhouse on our property.

We have renovated the house to accommodate up to 30 pupils from Grade 6 to Grade 12.

The Tutor Centre provides a safe and homely educational environment among the trees on the grounds of Broadacres Academy.

Each learning space is designed with the purpose of encouraging collaborative interaction between students and facilitating enhanced curriculum delivery.

The facility also provides dedicated space for when students choose to complete learning tasks or activities individually.

Broadacres Academy | Students and Tutors | 2018

Broadacres Academy | Students and Tutors | 2018


This is relaxed learning environment. No constant pressure or constant panic coming from students or co-workers. It is a more lenient, facilitating environment. This is like breath of fresh air.

Daniella WebsterDaniella, Tutor

I believe each student learns differently and it’s up to us to help him or her find a way to make learning fun and interesting.

Erika LootsErika, Tutor

Parents are saying that previously, they would have to force their kids out of bed to go to school, whereas now, at Broadacres Academy, they come happily, because it’s a nice environment. You want to be here.

Daniella WebsterDaniella, Tutor

Broadacres Academy provides the perfect environment for truly innovative learning, and it is an absolute pleasure to see happy students achieving their potential in a relaxed environment.

andrew-stewart-broadacresAndrew, Tutor

What a privilege it is to teach art at Broadacres, it has changed the way I think of schooling and education, how I perceive its advantages and potential.

cherene-swanepoel-broadacresCheree, Tutor

The small classes at Broadacres give me the opportunity to engage with students without other distractions – this has deepened my love for teaching!

Franklin, Tutor

I am so grateful to have the wonderful opportunity of tutoring at Broadacres Academy, with students that are as unique as the environment they are ‘schooled’ in.

Corrine, Tutor

Broadacres Academy is an affordable private school conveniently situated in the greater Fourways area of Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Our Tutor Centre for registered homeschoolers is set on seven acres in the growing suburb of Broadacres. The school is nearby to the suburbs of Lonehill, Fourways, Chartwell and Dainfern.

Our physical address is 28 Syringa Ave, Broadacres, 2021.

The Academy includes a Farm Nursery School, a Preparatory School (Grade 0 – Grade 3) and a Tutor Centre for registered homeschoolers (Grade 6 – Grade 12).

Get Directions

For the next few years while our Preparatory School is developing, we encourage students from Grades 6 to Grade 12 to enrol at our Tutor Centre.

As children in Grade 6 and 7 progress into higher grades, these two grades will be phased out and incorporated into our Preparatory School, leaving Grade 8 to Grade 12 in the Tutor Centre.

The Broadacres Tutor Centre uses the CAPS aligned curriculum supplied by IMPAQ and receives academic support from IMPAQ.

Curriculum delivery is subject-based and not grade-based. This means we tutor students of mixed ages together, forming collaborative communities of learning within our Tutor Centre.

Tutors in the different subject areas are there to guide and inspire students through ensuring that students’ individual needs are taken care of, and that they have a thorough understanding of each subject.

Broadacres Academy | Tutors 2018

Broadacres Academy | Tutors 2018

The Tutor Centre is situated in a unique farm-style environment in the middle of suburbia. We have created a homely feel with a space that is not prescriptive.

We have dedicated spaces for the various learning areas. These areas are designed for group learning and collaboration. There are also areas where students can study on their own, undisturbed.

The Tutor Centre is Wi-Fi enabled to facilitate learning optimally through allowing students to utilise their smart devices for research, tasks and educational enhancement. The Wi-Fi is safe and secure and can only access learner-friendly sites.

There is a communal kitchen and gathering area where students are able to store their lunches, drinks and use the basic facilities to heat up food.

There is sufficient outdoor area for students to relax or to utilise for studying should they feel the need.

Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre makes use of the CAPS aligned curriculum that is supplied by IMPAQ.

  • For the IMPAQ Intermediate Phase Grade 6 Curriculum, click here.
  • For the IMPAQ Senior Phase Grade 7 – 9 Curriculum, click here.
  • For the IMPAQ FET Grade 10 – 12 Curriculum, click here.

The IMPAQ curriculum is aligned with the National Curriculum (CAPS) and is affiliated with SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) for examination purposes. SACAI is UMALUSI accredited, with full university entrance credentials.

Students will be able to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate).

We use the CAPS aligned curriculum supplied by IMPAQ curriculum expand the content as and when needed, according to the natural development of each child.

Each learning area is facilitated by a qualified tutor who oversees the learning and development of students. To view the various subjects offered in our Tutor Centre, please see below:


IMPAQ supplies most of the learning material through the textbooks and additional portfolio notes. Any additional textbook required will be supplied to the pupils.

Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre uses the CAPS aligned curriculum as supplied by IMPAQ and receives academic support from IMPAQ.

The CAPS aligned curriculum is supplied by IMPAQ,  and they affiliate themselves with SACAI (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute) for examination purposes. SACAI is UMALUSI accredited, with full university entrance credentials.

Learners will be able to write the NSC (National Senior Certificate).

We use the CAPS aligned curriculum as supplied by IMPAQ as a base and expand the content as and when needed, according to the natural development of each child.

Daily requirements will be:

  • IMPAQ  learning material.
  • Own stationery. A stationery list is supplied on the enrolment form.
  • Lunch and snacks.

There is no tuckshop facility. Students are expected to bring their own healthy lunch and snacks. There is a refrigerator and microwave for their convenience.

Step 1: View by appointment

Call our admissions office (011-4653810) to make an appointment to experience first-hand the ethos of our Broadacres Academy community and Tutor Centre situated in our unique and charming rural environment.

Step 2: Provisional Application

This means that you are interested and that you genuinely wish to consider Broadacres Academy as your Tutor Centre of choice. Download an application form by clicking  on the green button below, or collect one from the admissions office. You can also request an application form via email by clicking here.


Step 3: Meeting with our Tutor Centre Management

A meeting with either  André de Coning or Dylan Cavanagh, is a necessary step for you and your child to ask any final questions.

Step 4: Placement

Providing there is space, your child will be offered a place upon completion of your application and payment of the relevant fees and deposits.

We would like to welcome all new parents to the Broadacres Academy community! We look forward to a long and happy association with you. In order to assist our parents and/or guardians (new and existing) with planning for 2018,  details of the Tutor Centre’s Deposits and Fees can be found in the Tutor Centre Application Form which can be downloaded below.

The school’s banking details are as follows:

Nedbank Current Account – Broadacres Farm Nursery School

Current Account: 1522 065 008

Branch Code: 15 22 05

Reference: See REFERENCE NUMBER as per Invoice/or Surname


Parents or guardians must ensure that students are individually registered as Homeschoolers with IMPAQ. IMPAQ has a very user-friendly website with a self-explanatory registration process. To register your child as a Homeschooler with IMPAQ, see below. Should you require assistance with this process, you may contact our admissions department.

Please note that the IMPAQ registration and payment procedure needs to be completed before enrolment at the Broadacres Academy Tutor Centre can be completed.


Should you have any questions about homeschooling, please visit the informative IMPAQ FAQ link below.


 The Tutor Centre Times:

Tutor Centre hours are Monday to Friday from  08H00 to 13H30. The centre is open from 07h00 in the morning for students who need to arrive earlier.

We do not offer an aftercare facility, and students need to be collected by 14h00.

We operate on a 3-term calendar.

The term dates for 2018 can be found below:


As we encourage individualism, we do not have a prescriptive uniform for the Tutor Centre.

We encourage students to dress appropriately and to come in jeans, tracksuits or any suitable practical clothing.

Due to our natural outdoor environment, sunscreen and a hat are highly recommended.

Broadacres Academy does not offer formal extra-curricular sporting activities at this stage. We can recommend various sporting clubs and will gladly refer you to the right one for your child’s physical activity needs.

Broadacres Academy does not offer transport to and from school. We are, however, aligned with two transport companies:

Parents have the option to make use of any transport company they wish to.

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When I was four years old they tried to test my IQ,  they showed me this picture of three oranges and a pear.  They asked me which one is different and does not belong, they taught me different was wrong.  ~Ani Difranco~

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