Welcome to Broadacres Academy

If you are looking for a unique educational experience, where children learn naturally, then welcome to Broadacres Academy.

Broadacres Academy is the new chapter in the life of a school that’s been in our community for the past 36 years. It was founded in 1982 as Broadacres Farm Nursery School. Over the years, the school has maintained a high standard as the nursery school of choice in the area.

In January 2016, the school was taken over by two visionary educationalists, Dylan Cavanagh and André de Coning.  Both are lifelong learners and promoters of education change.

Dylan and André are experienced educators and leaders. They bring with them a strong ethos and culture of visionary educational leadership.

Broadacres Academy has experienced and passionate staff, who believe in implementing our progressive model of education.

Our staff nurture a natural love of learning in our children. Each teacher ensures that children in their care receive the best education in a unique learning environment.

The existing nursery school, with its rural charm and unique farm environment, remains central to the ethos of the Broadacres Academy brand.

What we Believe
We believe that learning is a journey of exploration,
A collaboration between learner and teacher,
Inspired by curiosity,
Guided by professional insight and commitment,
Grounded in community values,
And focused on the natural development of each child’s potential.

An exciting future

The Broadacres Academy Junior Preparatory School is now open to Grade 3.

Exciting developments are taking place and we have broken ground on a new chapter in the school’s history. Building is under way and our new Prep School will be ready at the start of 2019.

The Academy currently includes a Preschool (crèche to 5-year-olds), a Preparatory School (Grade 0 – Grade 3) and a Tutor Centre for registered homeschoolers (Grade 7 – Grade 12).

From January 2019, our new Grade 4  classes will be open.  Learn more about the admissions process here.

We pride ourselves in delivering a 21st century education where children can follow their own educational journey and continue to love learning. This is what we believe every child is born to do.

An affordable private education in a unique and progressive environment. What more could you ask for your child?

Visit Broadacres Academy

If it’s your desire for your child to love learning and stay curious in a natural and nurturing environment, then arrange a visit to Broadacres Academy today.  Experience first-hand the joy of being in a natural learning community.

You can learn more about our philosophy and how we nurture natural learning here.

Broadacres Academy | Where children learn, naturally

“Learning is the human activity that least needs manipulation by others.
Most learning is not the result of instruction.
It is rather the result of unhampered participation in a meaningful activity.”
– Ivan Illich –