You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who didn’t go into teaching because you couldn’t get into anything else at university… you chose teaching because it’s your passion and calling.

Teaching is your calling.

You are that teacher… that sometimes feels you just don’t want to go to work. Not because you don’t want to see your beautiful children.

But – because you care, you feel overwhelmed at what unexpected situation you may have to face today.

You are that teacher… that has been inappropriately been spoken to by parents at times.

Yes, you may have been dismissed, yelled at and threatened with lawsuits. You may have been told you have no idea what you are talking about even although you are the professional.

You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who spends hours in meetings behind closed doors speaking about the well-being of a child.

Be it socially, academically or emotionally.

You spend hours in meetings.

You are that teacher … who daily makes observations and writes extensive notes about the well-being of the children on your watch.

You are that teacher … who sits with your colleagues during your lunch time to figure out how you can help a child achieve the best they can.

You are that teacher … who can’t just go to the bathroom like any other normal adult or child when you need to. You can only go at break time.

You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who brings extra lunch for the child you know who does not have.

Or you bring a healthy alternative because a child is sent to school with an energy drink and packet of crisps as their lunch.

You bring extra lunch.

You are that teacher … who has performed CPR on a child you thought was in trouble, lying breathless on the floor of your classroom.

You are that teacher … who gave your last R50 to the child who didn’t have money for the cake and candy sale, so they didn’t feel left out.

You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who has the job with the leadership responsibility of a CEO in your classroom, but on a non-executive salary.

You are that teacher … for whom teaching is one of the things on your “To Do” list for the day.

Before the bell rings to start the day, you deal with situations from bleeding noses to teeth that have fallen out and been swallowed. Name it… you’ve dealt with it.

You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who brings a spare set of clothes to keep at school because you know what it’s like to spend the day smelling of breakfast vomit.

You are that teacher … who sometimes wants to curl up in a ball and sob because you are at the point of a total sensory overload from having little people touch you all day, need you all day and speak at you all day.

You are that teacher… who on a Sunday evening can’t sleep because you know that in the morning it’s back to being a teacher, a nurse, a psychologist, a mother and a safe keeper of little people.

It’s a profession you chose. But – when you do it with all your heart, the responsibility is overwhelming.

You are that teacher

You are that teacher … who worries about having your own children one day because you can’t quite comprehend where and how you will find the time to look after them.

Because you spend your day looking after other people’s children.

You are that teacher …who very rarely gets thanked by parents for what you do or gets praised for the many things that go right.  It makes doing your job really tough, we are sure!

We salute teachers.

You are not “JUST” a teacher. You are THAT teacher.

To teachers all  over who are That Teacher, and especially to the phenomenal team at Broadacres Academy:

We salute you. Your commitment, professionalism, love, care and sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

You make a difference. Every day.

Thank you for being THAT teacher.

Thank you for being that teacher.